Metaweblog ExpressionEngine with Adobe Contribute

At a clients request I went about finding if there was a way to get Adobe Contribute to work with Expression Engine. As Contribute does use the Metaweblog API, it seemed that it should work. All my searching on Google though, led to dead end posts from people that didn’t find a way to make it work.

The solution is really quite simple. In Adobe’s infinite wisdom, they don’t allow parameters in the URL when trying to load the XMLRPC connection file. ExpressionEngine uses something like as the way to connect. If you look at the server logs, Contribute will truncate your URL to just /index.php.

The solution is rather simeple, and requires only that you can modify your .htaccess file. Simply add a line like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^contribute.xml [P]

The ‘ should be replaced with whatever URL ExpressionEngine gives you after turning on, and setting up the Metaweblog API feature in ExpressionEngine Modules. For a complete how-to on setting this up, check out Ryan Irelan’s excellent screencast on setting up external editors. If you aren’t familiar with Ryan’s screencasts on ExpressionEngine, now is the time to check those out too. At just $5 a pop, there is something for everyone in them. I have been using ExpressionEngine for two years and still learnt a lot of things.